Bow to Spontaneity.

Pure randomness is an epic glass half-full.
<3 Love it and live by it.

-These are some of the things that I Want. Love. Can't Live without.

Pep talk.

You kinda know right away when someone is covering up, sugar coating or lying straight ass on your face. People around you will constantly try to use you or walk all over you. Don’t let them. At all. Keep your guard up - All The Time. Don’t even let them lift that leg for a first step. Smile and smile big but say No. Your spirit is yours only. Don’t let them throw water on your flame. People will tell you things you want to hear to get what they want. Listen, believe, but say No & Thank you. Be strong enough to know what you are, what you’re worth is, what you’re capable of doing. You don’t need those people around you to confirm that. Make yourself happy with your own approval. Not of others. Hunch is that inner voice that tells you something doesn’t feel right. Love yourself enough to not endure what you shouldn’t. Walk away from something not cause you’re defeated & given up but cause it’s not worth your precious while. You’ll be a more secure stronger happier person in the end who truly wouldn’t give a fucking shit to those low lives around you.



What part of this is not clear &amp; I would be happy to clarify.

What part of this is not clear & I would be happy to clarify.

"Two of those, please.." - On God on Twins

Today I was thinking — > “Why didn’t God make more of those people/things that we [actually] like?”


- Multiple John Lennonsss and the rest of the Beatles would save the ladies from an eternal suffering due to a severed voice box.

- More of that guy you’re crushing on campus will lessen stalkers, stalker songs, stalkerish practices, and stalker stares..?? maybe??..

- Another one of that cute chick by the salad bar so you won’t have to go on a lifetime diner’s salad diet each time you try/ attempt/ wish/ hope/ yearn/ faillll to make a smart move.

- Your professor’s twin brother maybe? Will save “you” from your sexually explicit and unprofessional stares during lectures.

- Maybe make the whole faculty like that one really talented instructor because if they’re not then they should have pink-slips on their cork-boards.

- Make my paycheck like those people puffing cigars on Wall-Street. Because.I.Said.So.

- Or all the monsters red [like Elmo] on Sesame Street.

- Then maybe the word equality will be a regular social, main street norm.. And wouldn’t be a far-fetched scene on other places that haven’t seen it. Etc. and the likes.

…But, then again think about it. The word unique and strange will be wiped out off the dictionary. Trends will not happen. Ideas will just be - well, words all put together without a definite goal, plan, excitement, passion.

Dear Rose,
Thank you.
Man up.
This dress &lt;3

This dress <3